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The Elements of Popular Music

With the way that the different music genres of popular music has become so widespread, it seems as if every band creates their own genre. These new genres are also constructed by both the music journalists and critics who put them in categories like pop, rock, hip hop, electro and more. So, the term popular music is basically all encompassing and is used when describing a huge group of very different tracks. All popular music songs however do have some things in common.

Popular music pretty much sums up what the core of this kind of music is. This is the music that will attract huge audiences of listeners. This is what the agenda is for this kind of music, draw large audiences. It's never going to be underground or some developing sub culture, that is not the agenda of popular music, because to be truly popular music people need to know about it and acknowledge it. Because of this, generally the structure of popular music isn't all that complex, instead it is going to have more of a catchy hook with simple lyrics that are easy to sing along with. Most popular music is the music you'll see in the top music charts.

Creating this kind of music today is often based upon recording and production. The sounds and different samples that are created are often created with the help of computers. Sometimes, even the vocals are modified beyond what they really sound like. A lot of critics today say that today's singers no longer even have to know how to really sing anymore because the industry puts so much emphasis on post production of the songs.

With the main focus on capturing the ears and hearts of huge masses of listeners, popular music isn't always the most innovative. Usually this music will include different elements that have been used before in the past. The reason for this is that it's because these elements have already shown that they work for other songs. They might put a new spin on the element but it generally tends to lack true creative imagination and is only a reproduction of itself.

In addition to having a nice catchy melody for it's listeners, pop music will also tend to have some pretty simple beat structuring to it. The faster paced songs will generally be intended for dancing to and so they will have a more dance oriented beat to them. Then with the slower songs they will tend to have a more steady and simple beat to them.

All of these different elements can be found in the different off shoots of the basic genre of popular music. Listen closely to any of them and you should be able to find each of them hidden within in each song.

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