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How to Write Your Own Popular Music for Bands

Do you love music? Do you not only play it but also write it? Do you have a dream to write popular music for a band? If you answer yes to all of these questions then you might be ready to step out on a limb and write your own music for a band. Believe it or not, not very many bands writes their own music. For example, Aerosmith for one has scored big time with hit songs that they did not write themselves. For a lot of bands they depend on professional song writers to help them find that hit song. If you want to get into this kind of work you will need to learn to tailor your music to a specific style, make recording demos and then network with music professionals.

One of the first things you will need to do is to make a list of all the bands you might be interested in trying to write some music for. Once you have done this you will need to tailor your music for these specific musicians that you are hoping to attract the attention of. For example, if it's a group like Aerosmith, you would need to write a song with their rock 'n' roll style both stylistically and lyrically.

You will need to try to write songs that are catchy and that are marketable and songs that you think the bands you are interested in would be willing to perform. Make sure to pay attention to any of the bands newest releases. For instance if the band you are targeting has played ska before but now has turned to pop, then you should write your song in the format of pop instead. You should follow typical arrangements for pop and try and keep the song to under four minutes. This is best suited for playing over the radio.

Once you have written the song then you are going to need to find someone you know that is in a band or find someone that knows of bands that play locally that wouldn't mind playing the song so that you can record a demo of the song. Make sure that when you do the demo that it sounds as close as possible to what you would hope the true finished product might sound. If you want to you may even hire someone to do this for you.

After you have your demo you will then need to start networking inside the music industry. You can attend seminars or go to songwriter workshops. Find music publishers that might be willing to talk to you or find others who have placed songs with popular bands.

You may even want to consider hiring either a lawyer or a manager if you can afford it and think that your music is good enough. It is also a good idea to have one of these in order to even talk to some music publishers because some will often refuse to accept material from someone who doesn't have some sort of representation.

When you think you have done all that you can and are ready you can start submitting your demos to different publishers and record labels who happen to represent the band that you had on your list.

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