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How to Select the Right Music for a Tea Party

If you are holding a tea party, one of the things you will need to decide upon will be the music. Will you hire a musician or will you use your own CDs. Whatever it might be, classical, jazz or something else, them music needs only to be a backdrop for the tea party and not the focus. It should never be too loud nor should it be really upbeat. It should be a nice compliment of different instrumental sounds that everyone can enjoy during the party.

First off you will need to decide if you want to spend money on the music or if you will be handling the music yourself. If you handle the music yourself, make sure that the music you pick are known by others. You also might want to ask your friends if they have music you could borrow that they would like to listen to while at the tea party.

You can also explore a variety of different sounds that would be appropriate for your tea party. Some popular ones often chosen are classical music compositions by composers such as Bach, Debussy and Schubert. You can even go online to listen to various samples at in order to get a better idea. There you will see a list of thousands of different composers to listen to.

Once you have done your research you are going to need to sit down and make a list of songs that you are going to be playing at your party. Go over your classical music list to see if they are going to fit in well with all of your guests that might be attending the tea party.

You might want to also make sure that you sample different styles of music as well. Consider listening to some jazz, some different instrumentals and even some light contemporary music that you might want to combine together for your party. Having a variety playing in the background might please the different guests that will be attending.

If by chance your tea party is a large event, you may want to stay away from CD music and actually consider hiring a small group to play the music style that you are looking to have for the background music at the party. This is especially good if the tea party you are putting on is a charity event.

If you don't like the idea of a group of people performing you might then want to consider a solo guitarist or some other type of solo musician. You might even be able to find someone for free by asking around at your church, other churches or your local community or performing arts center.

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