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How to Pick the Right Popular Music for a Karaoke Office Party

Including some karaoke at a party even an office party can be pretty fun. If you happen to be planning a fun office party that is going to include karaoke then it's important that you pick songs that are going to help to promote camaraderie and some good times with fellow co-workers. Your best bet w ...more

How to Make a Catchy Chorus for Your Song

Writing popular music is a great way in which a song writer can express their feelings in a beautiful way or a fun way. Anyone who dreams of writing music or does write music already wants their song to catch on and become well known by other people. A writer needs to consider a title for the song t ...more

How to Select the Right Music for a Tea Party

If you are holding a tea party, one of the things you will need to decide upon will be the music. Will you hire a musician or will you use your own CDs. Whatever it might be, classical, jazz or something else, them music needs only to be a backdrop for the tea party and not the focus. It should neve ...more

Things You Didn't Know About the History of Rock 'n' Roll Music

As a popular music style Rock 'n' Roll was a form of music that started to develop in the United States right after World War II and it quickly became internationally popular. It's true roots lay in rhythm and blues and then it incorporated some influence from country as well as gospel music. From t ...more

How to Write Your Own Popular Music for Bands

Do you love music? Do you not only play it but also write it? Do you have a dream to write popular music for a band? If you answer yes to all of these questions then you might be ready to step out on a limb and write your own music for a band. Believe it or not, not very many bands writes their own  ...more

The Elements of Popular Music

With the way that the different music genres of popular music has become so widespread, it seems as if every band creates their own genre. These new genres are also constructed by both the music journalists and critics who put them in categories like pop, rock, hip hop, electro and more. So, the ter ...more

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