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Our Top Recommendation
Musical Instruments for the Serious Artist!

All the Musical Instruments and resources you will ever need in the one place. Whether you are looking to conquer the guitar, keyboards or drums then look no further then these popular and well respected musical instrument brands. From the amateur to the professional you will find what you need. Trust us - you need look no further!

Also Recommended
Electronic Music and Sound Design - Theory and Practice with Max and MSP

This particular book is the second one in a series of three books and it focuses mainly on the art of digital synthesis and sound design. It is part of a nice teaching series that also incorporates a lot of online material with a large amount of sound samples with its books. This particular book is especially written for the use with university level courses and it offers an overview of the theory and practice of Max. The book also includes a glossary and even tests that will allow the student to evaluate their own progress.

Also Recommended
Music, Sound, and Technology in America: A Documentary History of Early Phonograph, Cinema, and Radio

This is a great book for those who are studying this type of technology or for anyone who loves history and music. The book chronicles the development of sound through the phonograph, film and the radio. It shows how these three different technologies help to shape America's relationship with music from the late 1800's to the end of World War II and how it was integrated into daily lives of the people. It's a fascinating look at early musical technology in America.

Also Recommended
The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice, and Music

This book shows how integrating music, vocalization, sounds along with breathing and meditation techniques can work wonders on patients recovering from life threatening illnesses. The authors studies demonstrate the many health benefits that music offers such as lowering the blood pressure, repiratory and heart rates and even reduce cardiac problems and complications. Very interesting book.

Also Recommended
The Mysticism of Sound and Music

This book says that music, according to Sufi teaching that it is an expression of an overwhelming and perfect harmony that belongs to the entire universe and the secret of music is the amazing power that it tends to have to move people. This book is for readers who are interested in the Islamic mystical tradition and want to learn more about music's divine power and it's nature.

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